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Supporting your business, managers and employees with our wellbeing and recovery action plan.


WRAP = Wellbeing, Reset and Advance Programme Click to download our package information and pricing leaflet


The Current Situation:

Like a relationship break up, most people tell their redundancy story hundreds of times because it is one of the top five most stressful things that can happen in a person’s life. Redundancy can have an impact on the employer brand, the local community business relationship, and can cause huge stress for those involved in the process. How people get treated when they exit the business is just as important as how they get treated when they’re there. The people leaving could be the next customer, their brand ambassadors, they could be suppliers, they could even be your next employee as you rebuild and need their skills back.

Why WRAP? 

New Leaf and RB HR Consultancy have designed an outplacement package with a difference, delivering motivational support, guidance and training to support your business, managers and those facing redundancy. Helping you prepare and support staff leaving your business, enabling them to take a positive step forward and enabling you, should the worst happen, protect your brand.

What does WRAP look like?

We will first reset the individual’s self-perception with a wellbeing support consultation, this is a perfect time for building self-awareness and reflection. This helps develop the right mindset to begin the process of moving on, working with them to identify their key transferable skills through our CV support. The next stage enables individuals to better sell their key transferable skills using our job hunting, social media (including LinkedIn) and interview skill tools so they are set to positively advance and transition into their next opportunity.

What about the managers?

We can also offer support to business owners and managers who are planning for, or working through the redundancy process, providing wellbeing and HR support, guidance and coaching to ensure the smoothest transition for both the business and the staff involved. As we know, it is still challenging for businesses, and although restructuring may be a requirement and part of the managers role, it can be extremely draining and we all need some support as we transition through this difficult time.

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WRAP = Wellbeing, Reset and Advance Programme

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