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Hello From Julie Millard

HR Consultant


Julie’s HR experience has been gained in the city of London. She has a sharp eye for detail and her pragmatic approach means you always receive a common-sense response. 


Favourite Film:  "Gone with the wind"

Catchphrase: "Have a drink, take a tablet, go to the toilet!"

Favourite Drink: "Prosecco"


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Julie's Story

  • Extensive HR experience in Consultation and Administration processes.

  • Assisting company’s implement and manage compliant policies and procedures.

  • Compiling and documenting a library of template and standard documents.

  • Assessing and advising employee engagement strategies.

  • Adept in employee compensation and benefits policy making.

  • Managing complimentary reward schemes.

  • HR software user supporting systems integration.

  • Specialist in employee reward and benefit schemes.

RBHR's carefully selected team of dedicated HR specialists provide our clients with a broad skill set, on demand, to ensure we meet your requirements.

You can expect us to be friendly, empathetic and above all professional.

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