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Bec's Kickstarter Journey

Before joining RBHR, I was studying Psychology and volunteering in charity shops. I had no previous experience working in offices and was a little nervous about what lay ahead. As most of my work experience involved retail, I didn’t know what to expect from an office-based job, but I was pleasantly surprised.

After completing my Masters degree, I relocated to a completely new area away from family and friends looking to start a career. With the help of my work coach, I believe I got extremely lucky landing this role and having a team that is patient and willing to teach me the different aspects of their work. It had also been a while since I last had a job interview, so it was a little nerve-wracking when being interviewed by RBHR, but I quickly felt at ease as the interview progressed.

Upon my arrival, I had the pleasure of meeting another Kickstarter with the same role as me, and I felt less pressure as it was nice to see someone in a similar situation. During our conversation, he gave me more information about the role and what to expect, this gave me further reassurance about the job, and I knew from that moment that I would be working with a pleasant group.

This Kickstart opportunity has allowed me to learn the different processes within the HR industry and develop new skills. My gratitude goes out to my peers for welcoming me into their team and allowing me to build my confidence and self-esteem while taking on this new challenge. They have helped me build the confidence I need to complete the tasks given to me, despite it being somewhat different to what I am used to. With it being a small team, it has been easier to get to know everyone and not feel overwhelmed. While being here, as well as carrying out my normal admin tasks such as sorting documents, I have been able to shadow others and find out more about what they do and gain an insight into HR and recruitment. I have definitely learned a lot as I am taking part in a lot of the practical side of things and getting stuck into the work. Also, there is little chance of getting bored doing this job as there is always something new popping up.

When working towards my degree I was unsure of where I wanted to pursue my career, but within my limited time working at RBHR I feel like I am starting to find my place.


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