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Burnout in employees

Fatigue, stress, headaches, and lowered levels of motivation? Does this sound familiar? Recent reports expressed a rise in burnt out amongst employees with 53% of employees feeling burnout, which is a 9% rise from pre covid times. But how can employers and employees work together to reduce burnout, and what are the signs for employers to notice?

Signs of Burnout

There are many signs that can point towards an employee being burnt out. A few of these are;

· Difficulty Sleeping

· Unable to concentrate

· Increased cynicism

· Emotional more easily than usual

· Trouble getting started in the morning

· Irritable or impatient

· Increase in Illness

How to reduce Burnout

· Have Realistic expectations and not overload people with work

· Think about the people not just the productivity

· Have a Mental Health Frst Aider that can recognise the signs

· If they are struggling with finding balance, discuss goals and expectations

· Show gratitude to your employees and their contributions

· Encourage breaks and social events

· Listen to your employees and their thoughts and feelings

· Support them and make sure your workplace has a great dynamic

· Provide an EAP program for employees

· Motivate your employees Burnout can lead to damaging results in peoples lives with stress contributing to Insomnia, High blood pressure, heart disease and can make people more vulnerable to illnesses. In extreme circumstances, it can make a person revaluate their life and also lead to mental health conditions.

It is never too late to find out how to help your employees. If you need help in your business or you recognise these signs in your own employees, please contact us for a free phone consultation. One of our experienced HR Consultants will be happy to discuss this ,or any other HR related matter with you. Contact us on 01935 411191 or enquiries


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