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Current Recruitment Challenges

Ross Fairbotham

All industries and sectors have experienced difficulties during the pandemic, albeit indifferent ways. The travel, retail and hospitality industries are witnessing a great impact on their recruitment strategies. The sectors that initially experienced an increase in demand such as technology and construction, now find themselves short of candidates with the correct skill set or candidates are looking for more from a role.

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Studies have found that there are currently more candidates on the market than usual, however there is still a shortage of people with desired technical skills. There has also been a noticeable increase in junior candidates on the market this year, with these individuals having been made redundant and the demand for assistants and graduates has dropped.

Covid has played a part in allowing many candidates to experience remote working or flexible work patterns and they want this lifestyle to continue. The Flexibility and wellbeing benefits detailed in a job advert are examined by applicants before they even send in an application, having your company ethos and benefits package visible at the initial stage of the recruitment process will help to achieve higher applicant numbers.

More people are considering changing roles in search of the benefits they feel suit the life they want. So how do you combat this and make sure you are the employer of choice?

Businesses must adapt quickly, review your attraction, compensation and benefits strategies. Employees are looking for as much flexibility as possible and an understanding of their individual need by an employer. Surveys found that the most desirable benefits, along with flexibility and remote working, were generous pensions, performance bonuses, health insurance, and more paid time off.

Offering remote working allows you to recruit from further away, and therefore you will experience a wider range of candidates. Be open be these new opportunities and although they may seem daunting right now, they are in fact an opportunity to make sure your company stays current and competitive with the right people in the right place.


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