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Employment Contracts Guidance

Employment contracts may require changes for a variety of reasons, ranging from ensuring they are current incorporating new laws and regulations, introducing new terms such as contractual redundancy pay or adoption leave and pay, changing an employee’s job role or title and possibly even for restructure purposes.

Any changes to a contract of employment must be agreed by the employer and employee and in some cases, the trade union.

There are risks associated with changing contracts. This could lead to tension within the business if the changes are not well received, it could damage your company culture and brand, create increased levels of stress or absence and potentially, you could lose valuable employees from your business. Also, consider the potential of legal ramifications if any potential changes affect protected characteristics under employment law.

Can employers offer incentives to an employee to accept a new contract? Yes, incentives even non-financial ones can be used to encourage employees to agree to contract changes.

What can happen if an employer changes a contract without an agreement with the employee? A breach of contract can be challenged in court whilst working for the employer, as well as causing tension within the business and potential damage to the brand and culture.

If you need advice about contracts or contract changes, call us on 01935 411191 for a free initial consultation call, or email One of our trained HR consultants will be able to answer your queries and recommend solutions.


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