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Exit interviews and why they are important

If employee turnover is high and seemingly unexpected, exit interviews may be able to get to the root cause.

They offer a look into workplace culture and morale of employees and can reveal patterns into why employees leave.

Departing employees are usually more forthcoming about your organisation when they are leaving and it’s an important time to ask why? Constructive feedback and the conversation on why they are leaving can allow the employee to leave on a positive note without judgement.

Their feedback will allow you to identify areas of change. It also allows you to see where you can develop your current employees. Do they need more training? Do the managers need additional training to be better managers? Or is it something deep within the workplace culture that needs addressing.

If you find yourself facing a high turnover of employees or unsure what an exit interview should entail and what questions you should be asking? please contact us for a free 30-minute consultation with one of our dedicated HR consultants.



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