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Have we changed?

Ross Fairbotham

It was not just one lockdown we had to endure– we all had very different experiences. Some people were forced into months of unbroken solitude, others trapped for weeks on end with an estranged spouse. Some saw it as a positive experience – a welcome opportunity to slow down, go for walks and relax with a loving partner, or enjoy quality time with the children.

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Whichever way your lockdown played out, there was one near universal aspect to the past year– it abruptly disrupted our daily routines and living arrangements in ways that would not normally occur.

Has this strange time left its mark on you, not just superficially, but deep down? As we start to venture out tentatively, do we do so with our same personalities intact? And if so, how will we cope as we begin to mix and travel once again? Do we feel free again or are we left with anxiety and a certain amount of trepidation?

For much of psychology’s history, personality – the set of enduring habits of behaviour, emotion and thought that form each person’s unique identity – was considered set in stone, at least beyond early adulthood. Research over the last few decades, however, has led to a consensus that, while personality traits are relatively stable, they are not completely fixed. Instead, they continue to evolve through life and in response to major life events.

In other words, from a theoretical perspective, there is every possibility that at least some of us have been left permanently changed by lockdown.

As employers being empathetic to employees worries, concerns and feelings goes a long way. Employees maybe feeling anxious, nervous, scared or they may be excited and raring to go. Tailor your response to these employees putting them at ease. It is highly valuable to have a Mental Health awareness and a Mental Health First Aider presence within your business to support your employees at all times, not just through big periods of change.

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