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How employing a diverse workforce can help to address skills shortage crisis

Diversity in the workplace is the idea that your team should reflect the general makeup of the society around you. Your staff should consist of a variety of different types of people, from different backgrounds and experiences.

Diversity is often misconceived as solely multicultural matters, however it also applies to diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, language, educational, background, and so on. A diverse workforce can improve the bottom line of a business, lead to happier and more productive teams and drive innovation among employees.

As many sectors face a skills shortage, some businesses have begun considering how they can employ new staff whilst also working to address their diversity and inclusion priorities and deliver a greater impact on the communities they serve. Employing and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce has long been a high priority for organisations looking to drive business success.

Out of the pandemic is emerging a tremendous opportunity – an opportunity to make inclusion a meaningful reality while supporting the nation’s businesses as they rebuild. An opportunity to help fix some of the longstanding inequalities in our jobs market.

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