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Hybrid Working - The Road Out Of Lockdown

Before COVID hit, remote working was becoming more and more common within various industries, with some businesses already adopting the shift towards hybrid working. Everything has changed now. The pandemic completely changed our ways of working, causing some businesses to have to manage both frontline key workers and staff at home, and other businesses to adapt to an all-remote workforce. But many are now wondering what will happen next……

Hybrid working is the clear preferred option. Specifically, research shows that 89% of business executives agree that hybrid working will become a permanent part of working life moving forward and that 68% of employees desire to continue working from home for one to three days a week going forward.

Hybrid working is about controlling this transformation and giving people more autonomy to decide how, when and, more importantly, where they work best. In fact, many businesses are grasping this opportunity to reset.

Although the advantages of adjusting to hybrid working are clear, these changes are accompanied by challenges. If a company decides to all work remotely, things are simple for everyone. But managing a hybrid environment gets a little tricky and managers should bear in mind the awareness around what will be done to maintain the success of these hybrid working changes.

It’s clear that the key to success in hybrid working lies with the manager’s attitude and how well people are trained to manage hybrid groups.

Nonetheless, it also relies on individuals within the company to become impressive hybrid workers, adopting new work habits and approaches. Allowing people to have more independence in where, how and when they work creates scope for fresh motivation and life into a business, supporting people to be at their best and execute great work. But if this is to be a triumph, this change must be handled with care and purpose. Are your managers ready?

If this shift in working arrangements is something your company is finding challenging, call us on01935 411 191or email or through the button below to speak to one of our Consultants. A member of our consultancy team will be available to help you with any HR, recruitment or training queries which you may have.  

The time is now to provide managers with the mindset, tools and experiences they need to lead in a hybrid.


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