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Letter from the MD

Where to start? Like many reading this, we have all experienced the challenges of this last year and on reflection dealing with delicate cashflow scenarios, furlough and resourcing issues now feel like the easier things on my to do list.

What has struck me as the most difficult was the effects of lockdown on my team and I. But, here is what I learnt in the last year and how I have changed as a leader.

I learnt to care and love everyone that works for our business; respect our trusted suppliers and cherish our loyal clients. I have replaced frustration with tolerance; and understand the value of nourishing my team with the right motivators, praise and patience. In many ways, they are like the variety of plants in my garden, each one requiring different methods of care and support in order to flourish.

I also discovered that despite my best intentions, I am not super woman! I realised that I needed to look after myself so that I could maintain a level of resilience that is required for running a business.

Looking ahead now, I can see my team developing and our business starting to grow again as our clients begin to reach out for our support as we start to return back into offices, sites and factories. It is my belief that businesses will need to move forward with a new attitude. We will need to do business differently, in a more compassionate and responsible manner. A fresh perspective where employers and employees can both benefit and grow. It is time to do things better.


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