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The Challenges of Remote Working

Since the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, remote working has become commonplace throughout a range of businesses and industries. Many employees are happy with this shift from in-person working to remote as it allows them certain freedoms and conveniences they wouldn’t usually have. However, it is not a unanimous feeling as some employees struggle with remote or hybrid working. In the past three years, for some the novelty has worn off and the challenges of remote working have come to light.

One of the challenges some employees face is the feeling of isolation and a struggle to build and maintain relationships with colleagues. Interestingly the 2023 Hybrid Work Report by Hubspot has found that 50% of UK workers would rather have ‘great relationships’ at work than receive a 10% pay rise. This is a huge statistic taking into account the current cost of living crisis.

Most businesses work hard to foster a positive culture within their organisation that promotes their values but culture can be hard to maintain without a physical office space. For some, morale can drop due to a perceived feeling of a lack of connection between them and the business and their colleagues. Whilst some employees purely work for the salary, others thrive off a sense of collaboration and a connection to their work and team.

Employers should consider a robust benefits package that takes advantage of remote working. This could include an increase in Family Friendly policies or allowing employees a greater deal of flexible working with more freedom given to working hours. 70% of employees in a worldwide survey responded that flexible start and finish times would boost their productivity. It is essential to maintain employee morale as businesses could lose their top talent if they don’t feel valued or supported at work.

Whilst additional benefits won’t ‘fix’ the feeling of isolation from remote working, it can highlight the benefits of working from home to employees. Childcare and flexible working can be a real challenge when working in an office, but remote working allows a higher degree of freedom in the workplace which should be capitalised on to build an environment where employees feel motivated.

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