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Types of flexible working and how they can help your business

There are numerous ways that flexible working can help businesses cover working hours and work locations.

At the moment, employees have a legal right to request flexibility once they have continuous employment of 26 weeks. Employees are only permitted one request per year, but employers can allow more, and the Flexible Working Policy should specify what information is needed in the employee’s flexible working request.

The main types of flexible working are:

Part Time Hours

The employee is contracted to work less than the typical full time working hours.

Job Sharing

Two or more employees share the responsibility for a full-time role, either splitting days, weeks or an alternate week schedule.

Flexi Time

A core time schedule is implemented for all employees to work, with flexibility to work during a fixed period outside of core hours.

Term Time Working

Employees can reduce hours during school holidays or work during school term only.

Compressed Hours

Contracted hours are compressed into fewer but longer days, with the total number of hours worked unchanged.

Home Working

Employees can fulfil their duties from home on a full-time basis, or with an occasional day on employer’s premises. Annualised Hours Contracted work hours are set annually, with flexibility in the working pattern. This is generally used to set shifts which cover most of the year or to cover unallocated shifts at short notice.

Zero-Hour Contract

The employer is not obliged to offer a minimum number of hours and the worker does not have an obligation to accept any work offered. Exclusivity clauses are not allowed in these contracts and workers are allowed to work for different employers.

There are other options to flexible working such as buying additional annual leave, taking unpaid leave or sabbaticals. To find out how we can help, or to discuss the matter and potential future changes further, call us on 01935 411191 or email One of our HR consultants will be able to answer your queries and recommend solutions.


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