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Virtual Onboarding

With the presence of COVID-19 our whole working environment has changed. Most roles now include some element of remote working. Employers and employees are looking at how to balance this new flexible working as it is set to stay. The beginning of all working relationship starts with onboarding.

Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into the business. It includes welcoming them to the team and making them feel part of the company culture. It is proven that a successful onboarding process can lead to longer employment relationships and higher retention rate, with employees being fully engaged with the business culture, strategy, vision and values.

So how do you create a successful onboarding strategy when working from your homes rather than collectively in an office?

Communication: Make contact with new employees and ensure you are saying something rather than nothing. Bring these new employees on the journey with you and ensure they don’t feel ignored. Make sure employees know what is expected of them and set clear objectives

Automation: Technology can help recruitment teams automate and tick off the transactional parts of the experience such as signing contracts, but there are creative ways managers can replicate the 'human' aspects of the experience. Ensure employees have access to all the tools and information they require to fully fulfil their role.

Team contact: Help the new team member build their network within the business. Bring a group together virtually for an update and remind them why they wanted to join the business in the first place. Assign a buddy that can introduce the employee to others within the business.

Balance: Don’t overwhelm them but also don’t leave them without any contact, meetings. Imposter syndrome may set in and lead to individuals questioning their worth.

Keep it fun: Social activities such as online events, quizzes, charity events, build trust and reduce loneliness. It also increases the personal element of the office relationships.

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