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7th Jun 2021

Hybrid Working - The Road Out of Lockdown

Hybrid working is about controlling this transformation and giving people more autonomy to decide how, when and, more importantly, where they work best. In fact, many businesses are grasping this oppo...

26th May 2021

Shared Parental Leave

At RBHR we are discussing Shared Parental leave and ShPP. Is this something your company is finding challenging? call us RBHR, on 01935 411 191 to speak to one of our Consultants.

20th May 2021

Workplace Conflict

Here at RBHR, we see all types of employee conflict, Is mediation an area which you have thought about before? If not, then give us a call on 01935 411 191 and speak to one of our Consultants who will...

12th May 2021

Hugging in the workplace

RBHR |Hug, Cuddle, Embrace, Squeeze | Communication is key to ensure employees understand their responsibilities and changes to any practices and procedures.

5th May 2021

Virtual Onboarding

Learn with RBHR how to create a successful onboarding strategy when working from your homes rather than collectively in an office.

29th Apr 2021

Returning to work the exception - Pregnant workers

|RBHR| Explaining Returning to work for Pregnant Women with guidance on the subject. During the pandemic, pregnant workers have been advised to follow strict social distancing to reduce the risk of se...
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