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In house Recruitment services

We act as your brand ambassador seeking and sourcing the best talent for your organisation. Our bespoke services ensure we take all the stress, hassle and time out of the recruitment process for you.

We provide you with a line-up of pre-qualified applicants for you to interview, ensuring you attract the very best talent in today’s highly competitive market.

We recruit from part-time administrative assistants to board level and everything in between across all vertical markets and throughout the UK.

We are proud to have been a trusted and reliable consultancy to so many businesses over the last 10 years. Please take a moment to review our testimonials.

Our Services

Advertising Copy

We take care to understand the finer details of your organisation’s culture and aims, both long and short term.

We have expert copywriters to produce eye-catching and captivating advertisements, optimised for today’s web-based searches.  We also ensure that we use our own extensive contacts and reach, including social media, to develop cost-effective campaigns.

Job Advertising and Media Placement

With such a wide range of different websites available to jobseekers, it is the quality not the quantity of the advert views and applications that really counts.
We work with all the best-known job boards as well as the niche sites. The key objectives of our media schedule are efficiency and minimal cost.

Job Descriptions

Through consultation, we will ensure that each job description encapsulates the tasks and outcomes you require from the candidates. Both the applicant and you will know what success looks like and which skills, knowledge and experience are required. Our documents are thorough and written by experts to ensure clarity and mutual understanding.


We save you a huge amount of time pre-qualifying applicants by screening them in advance of sending you their CV’s. This sifting process ensures that you only review and interview applicants with the desired knowledge and experience. This way you aren’t wasting time in lengthy interviews with applicants that don’t meet the basic requirement (as some CV’s can be misleading!) You can be assured that you will be interviewing from a credible list of shortlisted applicants.

Psychometric Testing

Our team are qualified to administer and interpret a number of psychometric tests including Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Belbin Team Roles, and 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF). We also have experience in the design and delivery of bespoke practical working tests, such as ‘in-tray exercises’, which intend to assess a candidate’s performance in a ‘real world’ setting.

Pre-employment Screening

We take references to corroborate dates of employment and where possible understand each applicant’s character, performance, sickness record, and crucially, if the referee would work with them again! 

Question setting and Interview Skills

Sometimes being the interviewer can be as daunting for the employer as for the candidate, especially for a senior or critical role. It is vital that you set the right tone, as often job seekers have more than one option to consider.  We alleviate your uncertainties by helping you approach the interview in the best and most professional way. We are experts in setting the right questions enabling you to gain valuable insight into the candidate and validating their competencies and strengths. 

Resourcing on-demand

Do you need help with some or all of our services? We can be on-site within hours if you unexpectedly need urgent help or guidance and we’re always on the end of the phone.

Recruitment Fairs and Exhibitions

We represent organisations at all career events and exhibitions. If you are unavailable or just don’t like  ‘pressing the flesh’ then we will go on your behalf. We engage with your target market, evangelise your business to the delegates and visitors to build upon your brand equity. It is a proven way to get the right applicants for your vacancies and gain valuable advanced insight into your applicants.


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