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Hugging in the workplace

Hug, Cuddle, Cwtch, Embrace, Squeeze, , whatever you call them hugs are known to have stress relieving properties, for many the pandemic has been a tense period without this contact.

Are you a hugger or have you enjoyed the pause in close contact greetings?

At RBHR we have a mix of people from those that love to hug to those who prefer a more restricted approach to sharing their intimate contact.

As the government announces ‘cautious’ hugging can resume how does that fit into the workplace?

As with all restrictions easing there needs to be a controlled response. Much to the dismay of the huggers we still can’t go out and hug every Tom, Dick and Harry, we still need to be a bit picky about those we are in close hugging contact with.

Caution should still be exercised. When you hug someone, you are very close to them and the virus spreads through peoples’ airways. Hugs should be short and not face to face.

In the workplace, a hug is only appropriate when both parties are comfortable with the contact.   So before heading on in for a hug, you must ensure that you know how that person feels about such contact. Employees are much more likely to be anxious about this change than any others as it allows close contact they have learnt to live without.

Communication is key to ensure employees understand their responsibilities and changes to any practices and procedures.

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