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Workplace Relationships

While there is nothing wrong with having a workplace relationship, it can however cause some issues if something does go wrong. For example, there may be favouritism within the workplace, or if the couple were to break up, this can cause conflict between them or within the team.

It is important for managers to be mindful of their staff’s behaviour and even their own. Policies should be put in place and it should be made clear to workers what is expected of them. Policies should mention that there should not be any favouritism, and if there is conflict, then one party may have to change roles/teams or departments. Managers should also look out for any inappropriate behaviour which may result in sexual harassment and again, it should be made clear that any such claims will be dealt with in line with the policy.

On a similar topic, employees and employers should be careful not to discriminate against someone’s sexual orientation. The Equality Act 2010 states a person should not be discriminated against for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual, if the person is connected to someone of a particular sexual orientation or if a person is thought to be of a particular orientation.

To avoid this, employers should implement equality, diversity and inclusion policies and ensure employees read and understand them. It should also be clear how to report any issues of bullying or harassment and those that feel they are being bullied should be able to feel like they can report it.

Diversity and inclusion should be promoted within the workplace and managers should be trained on how to handle any situation, especially those involving discrimination.

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