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Breaking down work related barriers for disabled workers

On 17 May 2022, the Office of National Statistics released data that showed that there has been an increase of 1.3 million disabled people in work since 2017. The government manifesto stated that it would break down work related barriers creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce. But it is recognised that we can all still do more.

Employers must do everything they can in order to protect all employees from discrimination and not exclude anyone. If an employee in your business discriminates against someone else for any of the protected characteristics, by law you as their employer could be vicariously liable (an employer is held liable for the wrongdoing of an employee)

Employers should aim for zero tolerance of disability discrimination in their workplace culture.

Steps to ensure your business is diverse and inclusive.

· Educating and training all your workers about what constitutes as discrimination.

· Management training on how to properly respond to discrimination in the workplace

· Offer support to anyone who is affected

· Make it clear that it is against the law (The Equality Act 2010) and have clear outlined policies that show that you have zero tolerance

· Reduce bias in your hiring process

· Team building activities

· Review your policies regularly

· For companies that are global, cultural norms in other countries will need to be considered within the overall strategy, as well as local laws

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