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Kickstarter diary of web design and logo changes.

Coleen Hughes

I started with RBHR as a Kickstarter in March, which strangely feels only like yesterday. I have met so many amazing people, furthermore, gaining experience in web design, marketing, photography and going back to my love of graphic design. It really has been an adventure to say the least.

Levelling up guide to Coleen.

In a world where facemasks and distancing are becoming a normality for a lot of people it was interesting and felt relieving to get back into an office environment as well as working from home in a time where finding a job became extremely scarce. The team made it extremely easy to get to know everyone through team meetings and talking separately to every team member.

I was originally apprehensive about the Kickstarter scheme as I imagine many people were, but in the case of working with RBHR I have delved into many different avenues of coming back into working life. For instance, shadowing the HR consultants with their daily life whilst also being introduced to the marketing side of RBHR and the website.

I do suggest to anyone that is thinking of taking on a Kickstarter or wanting to be one, that it is a brilliant program that during the pandemic gave a lot of young people hope in finding work again. Additionally, top tip: the quickest way to get to know people is to take photographs of them, trust me trust me it breaks the ice!

Orange to Gold:

As I became a part of the team, I realised that RBHR wanted to rebrand therefore I offered to help with changing the logo and help with the rebranding. I came up with a variety of ideas and took input from the team in changing the design. My navy and gold box design were chosen for the future look of RBHR. The layers of the square represent the three layers of the company HR, Recruitment and Training, whilst the gold representing our professionalism as a company.

The website:

Additionally, you will see the website change to a new design. This was my big project during the rebranding. It is a fresh start for the company, and I sincerely hope that everyone will like the new look.


As my Kickstarter placement comes to an end in August, I hope that I have helped RBHR as much as I can do, I feel proud of what I have achieved within these months, and I hope the team feels the same way and will be able to display the work I have created with pride. Moreover, my future aspects are to hopefully continue working in a creative field, as designing, and creating has always been my main passion and I love seeing the building blocks of my work come together forming work to be seen in the public eye such as my logo design and website design. Moreover, I am continuing my masters in illustration and will be gaining more adobe accreditations as time goes on so that I can hopefully find my next opportunity.


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