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Why team building is important in a remote working environment

Many businesses and employees are finding benefits to working from home, with recent news of employees at Apple refusing to go back to the office as workers are saying they are “happier and more productive” working from home. Statistics have shown 75% of workers say they are more productive due to reduced distractions and 83% of employees feel they do not need an office to be productive. (

There are a variety of ways to ensure that a remote working team has good working relationships in the business and strengthen their bond as a team, keeping people happy and productive.

Remote team building activities!

Organise a team building event once a month or as available either in person or online, such as: quizzes, remote workshops, competitions (e.g. cooking or photo of the day), virtual workout sessions, book clubs, craft sessions- even better if you send out craft kits, personality tests, online games together and more!

Feedback opportunities!

Have regular feedback for the whole team. Honest feedback can build trust within teams and valuing and celebrating what team members accomplish, from a simple well done to gift giving, social events or a bonus can make an employee feel valued in your business.

Ensure that you always do 1:1s as it’s an opportunity to hear from your employees.

Provide a place to share good news and updates such as a group chat on Teams or Slack!

Communication is key

Be aware of a lack of affinity in the business and ensure that meetings are taken instead of just sending emails to establish rapport in your team and build trust within your employees.

As a manager it is important to ensure that your team members are working to standards and that there is no breakdown in communication.

Ask your team how they feel about the communication levels of the business. There is a chance that they could either have too many meetings or feel out of the loop with no meetings.

How to choose what team building opportunities you need in your business?

Take out the guess work and have a vote in your business about what people would like to see happen and ensure everyone is on the same page. Make sure that you create a healthy mix and establish the need for communication in your workforce.

Team building in a remote workplace and communicating is important as it will allow for better communication, better collaboration and empower your company culture.

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