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Second jobs: What employers need to know

With the cost of living expeditiously getting worse, millions of people have also been forced to take on additional jobs shown by BBC Research and many more will have to with household bills rising.

So what do employers need to know?

Can an employee have a second job?

Legally there is nothing prohibiting employees from having a second job however this is subject to their contract with their current employment. The contract could state that they need permission to take a secondary job or will be expected to devote the whole of their time and abilities to their employer’s business.

What happens if an employee takes a second job but doesn’t gain permission if needed?

If an employee takes a second job and needs permission, this is grounds for a disciplinary or in certain circumstances an employment tribunal. However, it is extremely important that employment policies and documentation clearly states if permission is needed or if their job within your business should be their main priority.

What about Working Time Regulations 1988?

It is the responsibility of the employers from both businesses to ensure that the employee is not exceeding 48 hours a week. Enquiries can be reasonably made to the employee to ensure that they are not exceeding, in the cases of concern an employee can be asked to sign a opt out agreement whereby the worker agrees to opt-out of the maximum weekly working time limit. Also, under the Working Time Regulations 1998, workers are entitled to a daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours and a weekly rest period of 24 hours.

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